Thursday, 22 March 2012

I'll start by introducing myself.  I'm Mindi Kellaway, aka Mindi Kay, aka Little Wicked.  I'm 34 years old, and have been exploring the vaults and caverns of the alternative fashion/beauty/hair world for nearly 20 years now.   My first forays into the world of alternative hair colour came at the tender age of 15, when I discovered Manic Panic hair dyes, and proceeded to dye my hair a whole array of unnaturally bright colours, much to my parents disgust.  I have tried on and discarded most of the alternative genres of fashion, finally finding myself in what I call 'gothabilly' - kind of a mix of goth and rockabilly with a bit of psychobilly thrown in.  Through the years, I've made most of the standard fashion mistakes, and learnt more than a few lessons from them.  So now it is time to share my wisdom with all the fledgling alternative fashionistas out there. This is me:
The photo is a little old, and my dreads are now real instead of synthetic extensions, but I'll upload some more recent pictures in future posts.  This one should give you a general idea of my usual style.  I'm a big fan of tattoos, piercings and dreadlocks, and will be sharing some tips, styling ideas, and fashion advice with you all.  Just a quick word of warning: I'm more than happy to have a lively debate with someone via comments, and as this blog is made up of my own personal opinions and thoughts, I am aware that not everyone will agree with me.  But please don't be the person who feels it necessary to make abusive comments.  They will be deleted.  There's a definite line between lively debate and vicious abuse.  Don't cross that line.  As this blog will be dealing with the origins, development and all things related to alternative fashion, this will sometimes cross over into fetish territory.  I have set this blog to over 18's only because of this crossover.  Not all content and/or pictures will be suitable for viewing by children.  Other than that, my blog is now live, so enjoy!

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